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The only app that supports and incentivises all young people to lead active lives.

miMove is the first app for young people to record details of all their physical activity. Teachers access this data allowing them to know and support their students like never before.

How it Works

Easy to use for students and teachers

The Student app

Young people record all their physical activity on the app accessed via mobile OR online.

The Teacher app

Schools view and engage with this real-time data, allowing them to celebrate and support students’ efforts and review their work.

Benefits to Schools

Powerful, live, interactive data

Gain unprecedented insight into if / how / when and why every student takes part in physical activity, in and out of school. The data can be viewed and filtered by different cohorts, gender, ethnicity, SEND etc. Inclusion is at the heart of the app.

Easy access to student voice

Capture students’ emotional responses and reflections and find out what makes physical activity meaningful for them.

Knowledge to support & celebrate

Support and motivate ALL students. Celebrate their achievements using good news stories from the data. Have more accurate and evidence-based conversations with parents and colleagues.

Success redefined

Data allows for more inclusive success criteria, for example, showing a commitment to, or increasing levels of, physical activity, rather than just being a ‘high performer’.

Evidence of impact

Teachers can analyse the data and use it to evidence the impact of their work and review their programmes in relation to intent, allocating resources where they are needed most.

Quick & easy to use (only a few clicks)
All physical activities are valued
Gives students a sense of ownership
Students know that teachers care about their physical activity.
Students’ efforts are validated and they feel supported
Students feel a sense of belonging and pride
Students benefit from having a record of their own physical activity

Benefits to Students

Meet the #miMovers

student image
Meet Karl Sweeney

Karl enjoys gymnastics but feels anxious in games. He doesn’t participate in school sport. Karl has attended his local karate club twice a week for 4 years. He has moved from white to brown belt. Karl has just started fitness training on his own to progress to black belt. He is mildly autistic.

I feel really proud about my progress in Karate. Because of posts on miMove, I was featured in my school newsletter last week! I feel more confident in PE and have a better relationship now with my teacher.
student image
Meet Mia Mendes

Mia is quiet at school. She doesn’t participate in school sport. She enjoys PE but she is not considered ‘high ability’. She regularly goes to the Skate Park with her older cousin. She has progressed from beginner to very accomplished skateboarder.

Because of miMove Mr Anderson regularly ask me about my skateboarding! He has even put on an after-school skateboarding club, which I’m really excited about.
student image
Meet Ayesha Bondre

Ayesha does not participate in school sport or any clubs. She is dyspraxic. She finds activities with a ball difficult and this hinders her enjoyment of games. She loves the Daily Mile but has never told anyone. Ayesha takes part in parkrun most weekends with her dad.

I used to feel so anxious about joining in school sport and clubs. Because of miMove, Ms Tilbury chats to me about my running and now I’ve joined the after-school cross country club. I’ve also been made a sports leader, helping younger children with The Daily Mile.
student image
Meet Joshua Andrews

Joshua loves basketball. He plays regularly with his friends in his local park. He also enjoys shooting hoops on his own. It helps him relax and he likes to chart his progress. His school has a basketball club but no team. Joshua enjoys most activities in PE. After basketball, swimming and dance are his favourite.

Since using miMove, Mr Squillario often talks to me about my basketball. We've discussed the progress I've made in all areas of the game, especially shooting. He's also seen other students' posts and he's promised next term we'll have some games against other schools. Can't wait.
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Described by one parent as ‘genius’, miMove has had a positive impact on a significant number of students and their families. 40% of students have said they have increased activity levels. 31% of students are now more active with their family members.

Crispin School Academy, Somerset, UK.

Case Studies

Rivers Academy

Rivers Academy in West London is part of the Aspirations Academies Trust, a secondary school based within a West London Campus alongside Space Studio West London. Rivers Academy teaches ages 11-18 and has around 1200 students.

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