Making the world more active

We want to make inactivity a thing of the past. miMove app is a digital tool that creates a support network around young people so that they grow up with physical activity being a normal and regular part of their lives.

Girl cycling

Data that drives change

Our shared goal is to ensure more young people reap the benefits of physical activity. miMove provides live data for schools and other organisations to be able to know whether this is becoming a reality rather than just an aspiration.

What our customers say

The app has unearthed tremendously positive experiences that we would have never known about with some pupils.

Kilburn Park School, UK

The idea that they are in control of their PE lesson by recording their own favoured activity encourages their participation, gives them a target to aim for and shows them the value of all kinds of physical activity.

Headteacher, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, UK

@miMoveapp is now central to my #physed practice where every student uses their data to curate their story about how physical activity fits into their life.

Steam Academy, KY, USA

I've just logged onto my mIMove dashboard …just the difference in activity levels is amazing. The comments about what they are doing and how it made them feel are invaluable.

Hillyfields School, UK

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