About miMove

miMove is made up of a Student app (mobile and web based) and Teacher app (web based)

The student app

This is used by young people to log their physical activity.

It is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to record activity type, duration, setting and how it felt.

miMove avoids capturing ‘scientific’ data like steps and heart rate because research suggests this is intimidating to all but the most active students.

Students can reflect on their activity and even upload a photo to capture the experience.

The teacher app

This gives schools unprecedented and powerful live data on their students’ physical activity. The dashboard allows teachers to see at-a-glance, headline activity data.

Teachers can view and analyse the data of different cohorts e.g year groups, gender etc.

It captures student voice, their emotional responses and reflections The one -way messaging feature enables teachers to support and motivate their students

It also has an easy, built-in, meaningful assessment tool.

Knowledge is Power

Unprecedented data allows for better decision making to achieve your goals.


Acknowledge and reward students who increase and sustain physical activity.


Be better informed to review, revise and energise your work to support all students.


Motivate, encourage, organise via our safe, one-way, messaging function.


miMove triggers conversations, connecting people and building community.


Monitor progress using our easy to use and meaningful assessment tool.