From teaching to tech

We began as teachers working in Inner London. Now we support school communities with our groundbreaking app.

Greg managed three PE departments before moving into university teaching and Marcella taught English and led a large EAL team. Alongside long careers in education, we established a children’s physical activity centre, miSport, which developed a reputation for being cutting-edge and research led. We worked with thousands of young people ranging from those who found PE challenging at school to teenage athletes who competed.

Our passion has always been to help young people develop and sustain a physical activity habit. But we realised that there was a fundamental problem: whilst our sector had been working hard for years towards the universal goal of supporting young people in being physically active, nobody really knew whether or not we were achieving this.With three active children, our family and professional lives became increasingly blended. The idea of miMove was born one afternoon at our kitchen table, whilst our children were scrolling and messaging friends on Instagram. They were voluntarily sharing information. This is when we realised we were looking at the solution.

We set about creating an app that encouraged young people to safely and simply share information about their activity - how, why and when they were active - utilising the very best of tech in order to support young people develop a positive attitude with physical activity. It’s been a steep learning curve but by the end of 2019 we had version 1.0 ready. We haven’t looked back.

At heart, we are and always will be educators. We drew upon our experiences, research across a range of disciplines and our commitment to inclusion, to create miMove and these remain central to our work.

Greg Dryer

Greg Dryer (Co-Founder) is a distinguished physical educator with extensive experience in the field, working with three year olds through to postgraduates. He led the PE departments of three large inner London secondary schools before moving into Higher Education. He was Founder and Director of CPESA (the Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity) at Kingston University, London. He has authored resources and curricula for students in India and the UK. His ongoing research and practice in supporting young people develop a physical activity habit, highlights the need for practitioners to be able to measure the impact of their work. miMove is the solution.

Marcella Griso

Marcella Griso (Co-Founder) taught English at secondary school for 12 years, specialising in teaching students with English as Additional Language. After starting a family, as well as running miSport, she set up a family ski business; these businesses drew upon her excellent communication and organisational skills. As someone with years of experience of inclusion within education, she has shaped, and is fully committed to, the miMove vision of supporting all young people in benefitting from a lifetime of physical activity. Marcella has a keen eye for detail. She was a key architect of the miMove user experience and leads on customer success.