miMove was created by Greg Dryer and Marcella Griso. They are passionate about ensuring more young people develop a physical activity habit. They have drawn upon their strong commitment to inclusion, many years in education and research across a range of disciplines to create the app.

Greg Dryer

Greg is a distinguished physical educator. Throughout his career his driving passion has been to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to reap the multiple benefits of physical activity.

He has extensive experience in the field, working with three year olds through to postgraduates. He led the PE departments of three large London secondary schools before moving into Higher Education. Most recently, he was Founder and Director of the Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity at Kingston University, London. He has authored resources and curricula for students in India and the UK. His ongoing research and practice in supporting young people develop a physical activity habit, highlights the need for practitioners to be able to measure the impact of their work. miMove is the solution.

Marcella Griso

Marcella taught English at secondary school for 12 years, specialising in teaching students with English as Additional Language. After starting a family, she established mi sport with Greg (a cutting-edge children’s activity provider) drawing upon her excellent communication and organisational skills.

As someone with years of experience of inclusion within education, she shaped, and is fully committed to, the miMove vision of supporting all young people in benefitting from a lifetime of physical activity. Marcella has a keen eye for detail. She was a key architect of the miMove user experience and leads on customer support.