Benefits for schools

Now, more than ever, it is vital that schools know how active their students are, in and out of school in order to support young people in making physical activity a regular part of their lives.

miMove provides powerful data to:

- Evidence impact

- Celebrate successes

- Review programmes

- Allocate resources to meet goals

- Offer support where it is needed

- Capture student voice and feedback

- Capture evidence-based assessment

Benefits for students

miMove (as the name suggests) is YOUR physical activity. It is about celebrating your efforts and working with people to overcome challenges that everyone experiences from time to time. This means that you will benefit from all that physical activity can bring to your life.

miMove is:

- Quick and easy to use

- An important record of your activity

- A way for you to see and feel proud about your progress

- An easy way for you to reflect and share your thoughts with your teachers

- available via a mobile device or online via the web